Roqueta Origen

The harvest at Crin Roja

  • 25-10-2016

The grapes harvested at Crin Roja were of excellent health and quality. Once the entire grape harvest was in the cellar, an initial assessment has promised an excellent wine, as the first wine to complete the fermenting process has shown great aromatic ...

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Expansion highlights 8 centuries of the winemaking history of the Roqueta family

  • 16-01-2016

The first documents certifying the wine activity of the Roqueta family is from 1199. These eight hundred years of history have captured the attention of the media and, in the case of the Expansion newspaper, has already dedicated a special report in ...

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Valentí Roqueta, Chairman of Roqueta Origen, awarded “Winemaker Lifetime Achievement”

  • 23-04-2015

On Friday, 17 April, Valentí Roqueta Guillamet, the President of the Roqueta Origen group, was presented with the “Winemaker Lifetime Achievement” award by the Catalan Association of Oenologists (ACE). He received the accolade as part of the 26th ...

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Crin Roja Tempranillo gets a Gold Medal in The Portugal Wine Trophy

  • 03-07-2014

Crin Roja Tempranillo has been awarded a gold medal in a new, high-ranking competition: The Portugal Wine Trophy. The venue is the Cultural Park “Boeira Portugal in a bottle” near the historic city of Porto. Under the strict guidelines of the “OIV”, ...

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